Anton Karigiannis (1885-1967)
Demetra Karigianis (1898 -2001)

The late Anton G. Karigiannis, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was born in Karyae on April 17, 1885. He was the son of Gregorios Petrou Karigiannis and the former Marigo Geo. Dintzikis. After finishing the Grammar School of Karyae and the Scholarheion of Aghios Petros, Anton came to the United States on board a French liner, arriving in New York in March 1903. He went to Evanston, Illinois, and then to Chicago. From there he moved to the far west and worked as a labourer of the Union Pacific and Oregon Short Line Railroads. He returned to Evanston again and worked there for the Mark Manufacturing Company until 1904. In 1905, he opened the Security Fruit Store with the Athanasopoulos Brothers until 1908, he then moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and stayed there until 1913 when he responded to the call of Greece. He returned to Greece and joined the Greek Forces in their struggle against the Turks and the Bulgarians, serving as a military clerk until 1916. After his discharge from the Greek Army, he returned to Louisville and stayed there until 1917. He then moved to Indianapolis and he stayed there until 1919.

In January of 1920, Anton returned to the old country where he married the former Miss Demetroula Paraskeva Kopsiaftis. Demetroula was the daughter of Paraskevas Anastasios Kopsiaftis and the former Constantina Matala (the old miller of Karyae). Her brothers, Anastasios (Frank) and Panagiotis (Peter) Kopsiaftis (Copses) were Arahovitan pioneers in Toronto. Her sister Mrs. Eugenia Panousis lived her life in Karyae. The newlyweds then came to the United States and they travelled to Akron, Ohio, and then to Gastonia, N.C., where they remained until 1922. The couple moved back to Akron again and stayed there until 1931 with brother George. They then left the United States for Canada settling in Toronto where Anton became the owner of the Lakeside Tea Room, assisted by Mrs. Karigiannis for several years.

Anton had retired for a few years prior to his death in Toronto on January 12, 1967. His brother, George, a great benefactor of the Karyae Foundation, died on February 18, 1970. Their sister, Georgia, lived in Karyae until her death. Mrs. Demetroula Karigiannis died in Toronto on May 11, 2001 at the age of 102.

Anton was among the founders and first members of the then Toronto Chapter of the Adelphotis and a member of its Board of Directors. He was among the most loyal supporters of the Adelphotis from its inception in 1923.